Long Lui Eliminated by Martin Zamani

Long Lui shoved all-in for 60,000 from under the gun and Martin Zamani called in the big blind. Lui: [Ac6h] Zamani: [9d9c] The board ran out [2sKh2dJc4c] and Lui was eliminated.

Martin Zamani Eliminated by Chance Kornuth

Martin Zamani was all-in for approximately 240,00, and Chance Kornuth called. Zamani: [As7s] Kornuth: [TdTs] The board ran out [9c2cJd4d2s], and Kornuth's tens held to eliminate Zamani.

Chance Kornuth Ousts Martin Zamani

Martin Zamani had his remaining 30,000 or so chips in preflop against Chance Kornuth. Zamani: [KdJc] Kornuth: [KhKs] Zamani was in rough shape and although the [Jd9d4c] flop gave him a sweat, the [Ad] and [2c] completed the board to send the rest of his chips to Kornuth.

Martin Zamani Eliminated by Jordan Cristos

Following a raise to 3,500, Martin Zamani three-bet to 15,000 from the button before Jordan Cristos shoved for 155,000 from the small blind. The initial raiser folded, and Zamani called all-in for roughly 85,000. Zamani: [JsJc] Cristos: [QhQd] The board ran out [Ts2s3c7d8d] and Zamani was eliminated.

Martin Zamani Eliminated by Jeremy Ausmus

With the board reading [5sKh7s3h] Martin Zamani moved all-in for his last 35,000. Jeremy Ausmus made the call and tabled [Ks4s] for top pair with a flush draw. Zamani tabled [9h6h] for flush and straight draws. The river [2d] was no help and Zamani was eliminated.

Johan Guilbert Doubles Through Martin Zamani

With roughly 45,000 in the middle and the flop reading [KdAh8s], Martin Zamani bet out 23,000 from the big blind. Johan Guilbert called next to act, before Fred Lopez folded in late position. The turn landed the [3s] and Zamani bet 30,000. Guilbert called all-in for 24,500 and tabled his

One Pair Win for Aaron Van Blarcum

Martin Zamani raised to 4,000 from middle position and Aaron Van Blarcum called in the big blind. The flop landed [4s7d3h] and Van Blarcum checked to Zamani who bet 3,000. Van Blarcum called, before both players checked down the [5d] and [9h] on the turn and river. Van Blarcum tabled his [Kc3c],