Maria Lampropulos Eliminated by Andras Nemeth

All the money went in on the [5c][7d][9h] flop, with Maria Lampropulos leading with [jc][jd], against Andras Nemeth's [td][9c]. The board ran out the [4d] then [9d] to see Nemeth spike a nine on the river giving him the winning hand with trip nines. A short stay for Lampropulos, who only entered

Benjamin Chalot Eliminated

partypoker MILLIONS Online winner Benjamin Chalot has been eliminated from the event. He shoved for 6,550,000 in the hijack before Maria Lampropulos reshoved from the small blind. Carlos Chadha gave up his big blind. Benjamin Chalot: [AhQd] Maria Lampropulos: [Ac9s] The board ran out [Th6h8c] [Td] [9d] and Chalot exited.

Down to One Romanello as Anthony Exits

Anthony Romanello was seen talking to his brother, right after wrapping up the formalities at the payout desk. He was kind enough to share what had happened. Maria Lampropulos opened and Romanello called with [3x3x] on the button. The flop came a beautiful [JxJx3x] and Lampropulos checked. Romanello bet and Lampropulos

Roberto Romanello Eliminated

Roberto Romanello was seen sitting on an empty table close to the Main Event. We asked him what had happened for him to get eliminated. Up to a stack fo 19 million, Romanello saw the button shove for 5.9 million. With [AxQx] in the small blind, Romanello looked his opponent up

Lampropulos Loses Some

Maria Lampropulos opened under the gun for 700,000 and saw Christian Rudolph on her left three-bet to 1.7 million. The action folded back around to Lampropulos and she called. Lampropulos check-called another 1,325,000 on [Qh6d2s] before the two checked down the [5h] on the turn and [8c] on the river. Lampropulos showed

Three Romanello Brothers and a Main Event Champion Make it to Day 3

Day 2 of the partypoker LIVE $10,300 MILLIONS UK Main Event came to a dramatic conclusion today with the bursting of the bubble, locking up a seat in Day 3 for the sixty players who’d battled successfully through seventeen hour-long levels at Dusk Till Dawn. Together with the sixteen online

Lampropulos With the Surprise River Raise

Maria Lampropulos opened for 150,000 under the gun plus one and picked up Linton Reid (small blind) and Iwan Jones (big blind) to see a flop. All three checked the flop of [3d4c4h] and the [Kd] turn. The [8s] completed the board and Reid checked. Jones bet 150,000 and Lampropulos raised

The partypoker MILLIONS UK Main Event Kicks Off at Noon!

Welcome back to the home of English poker; Dusk Till Dawn poker and casino in Nottingham. Today is a big day at the partypoker MILLIONS UK 2020 as not only does the $25,500 Super High Roller resumes and plays till a winner; it's also time for Day 1a of the

partypoker MILLIONS UK Preview

Partypoker millions uk

As tournaments to kick off the year go, the MILLIONS UK festival is going to do it in style. With the flagship partypoker live event coming at you from the second-largest poker cardroom in Europe, Dusk Till Dawn Casino in Nottingham, PokerGO will be bringing you all the drama, bust-outs