Leon Tsoukernik’s Kings Cracked to Send Him Railwards in 7th

The uncoveted pre-bubble spot has fallen to Leon Tsoukernik, who had been quietly nursing a short stack for a good while.  He picked up [KsKc] in the small blind, and moved his last 675,000 in preflop over an unusual late position limp from Luke Reeves (who held [AhQc]).  He was

Everybody Gets Away From It

Multiple strong preflop hands did not end up with the all-in situation (preflop or otherwise) that the commentary team were expecting.  Rainer Kempe opened under the gun to 160,000 with [9s9h], flat called by his neighbour Leon Tsoukernik with [JsJh].  Next to act Kahle Burns passed his [KsQc]; button Igor

Vogelsang Near-Felted Last Hand Pre-Break

A crucial double for Leon Tsoukernik, now that registration has closed and bust means bust.  He saw a flop of [3s5d9c], leading out for 275,000 into Christoph Vogelsang (effective stack 790,000 total).  Vogelsang put him all in, and Tsoukernik made the call, having flopped top pair with [Qc9s].  Vogelsang's [AdJc]

Tsoukernik Busts

Back on the outer table, Leon Tsoukernik was all-in three hands in a row. The first time, he received no callers. The second time he chopped with Rainer Kempe. The third time, he wasn't as fortunate. Straddling to 32,000 under the gun, Tsoukernik saw the action fold to Joao Vieira on

Burns Doubles

With the straddle still on, Leon Tsoukernik shoved from the button. Small blind Kahle Burns called from the small blind for 760,000 while Stokkan (big blind) and Reeves (straddle) folded. Leon Tsoukernik: [9s7c] Kahle Burns: [JdJc] The board ran out [JsKsTc] [3s] [Ac] and Burns doubled while Tsoukernik dropped down considerably.