WSOP Legend Layne Flack Passes Away at 52

On Monday evening, word spread around the poker world that WSOP stalwart Layne Flack passed away on Sunday, July 18, at the age of 52. In a career spanning nearly 30 years, Flack amassed over $5 million in lifetime tournament earnings which included six WSOP bracelets and a WPT title. He

Flush for Layne Flack

Stud Hi-Lo Layne Flack had the bring-in and Marco Johnson completed. Chris Vitch called, as did Flack. Flack bet out on fourth and only Johnson called before Johnson led fifth and Flack called. On sixth and seventh, Flack bet out and Johnson called each time. Flack: [XxXx] / [4d2d9d6d] / [Xx] Johnson: [XxXx]

Layne Flack Takes from Benny Glaser

Stud Hi-Lo Layne Flack completed and Benny Glaser called. Glaser led out on fourth before Flack raised. Glaser called, and then check-called bets on fifth and sixth, before folding on seventh. Glaser: [XxXx] / [5s5d9d6c] / [Xx] Flack: [XxXx] / [5h8d3hAc] / [Xx]