Lehr Loses Lots

When we arrived, the chips were already flying into the middle on the flop. After the hand was over, Lehr shared the details of the hand despite being the one on the losing end of it. After a raise to 225,000 from late position, Anthony Kennedy three-bet from the small blind

Lehr Shown a Bluff

Legendary poker player Keith Lehr opened the action with a raise to 100,000 under the gun. Jack Sinclair, chipleader at least at the start of the day, called from the small blind. Waheed Ashraf over called from the big blind. The flop of [JsTdAs] was checked through so the trio saw

Manig Loeser Doubles Through Keith Lehr

Keith Lehr raised to 60,000 from the hijack, Igor Tregoubov called from the button, Manig Loeser three-bet shoved from the big blind for 430,000 and Lehr isolated the action with a four-bet. Lehr: [QsQd] Loeser: [As9s] The board ran out [9h3s2c9dTh], giving Loeser trip nines to double through Lehr.

Keith Lehr Doubles

Following a raise on the button, Keith Lehr three-bets the small blind to 174,000 leaving himself just 11,000 behind. The button called, and before the flop landed, Lehr bet his remaining 11,000 and his opponent called. Lehr: [AsJd] Opponent: [Ac9s] The board ran out [6s3d4s6h5s] and Lehr collected the double.

Matas Cimbolas Picks Off Keith Lehr on River to Double

With roughly 1,200,000 in the middle, and the board reading [4h8c5hQsQc], Keith Lehr moved all in for 461,000 from the big blind. From the button, Matas Cimbolas called all in for 276,000. Lehr tabled his [KhJh] for king-high, and Cimbolas revealed his [Ah8h] for ace-high to secure the double.

Top Poker Hands from Poker Masters

Phil Hellmuth, Brandon Adams, Steffen Sontheimer, and Daniel Negreanu are involved in the Top 10 Poker Masters hands of all time.

Since it's inception in 2017, the Poker Masters has thrilled viewers on PokerGO. From the crowning of German professional Steffen Sontheimer as the inaugural winner to Ali Imsirovic's victory in 2018, every top player wants to fill the sleeves of the famous Purple Jacket. Here are 10 of the very best

Ace-King Gives Keith Lehr Chip Lead

David Peters was one of the top stacks entering Level 6, but he's back near a starting stack after losing the biggest pot of the day against Keith Lehr. The action was missed, but Lehr held [AxKx] against Peters' pocket nines. The runout was clean for the reigning U.S. Poker Open