Spin Ends Next Hand: Kahle Burns Eliminated in 6th ($252,000)

Kahle Burns was unsurprisingly all-in again right after his double, this time moving 340,000 (under six big blinds) all in from the hijack when it folded to him with [Ac3s].  Big blind Adrian Mateos took him on with the dominating [AsJd].  Burns flopped a pair of threes, but Mateos hit

“Start of the Spin” Double for Burns

Kahle Burns found himself in the unenviable position of going through the blinds super-short with no playable hand, folding [Tx4x] in the big blind to an under the gun raise from Matthias Eibinger (who held [AsKs]).  Able to survive one more orbit with no forced showdown, it was in the

Phua Doubles in Battle of the Short Stacks

Kahle Burns opened to 120,000 under the gun with [AhKc].  It folded to big blind Paul Phua, the only player with fewer chips left at the table (430,000), who flat called with [2h2d].  The flop portended action: [Kh2c7d].  Phua checked his set, and Burns bet 60,000.  Phua called, checking again

Eibinger Takes from Burns

Under the gun, Matthias Eibinger raised to 90,000 (from a stack of 740,000) with [AdKh].  It folded to big blind Kahle Burns, who made the call (from almost the same stack size) with [QdTc]. Flop: [Js5sKd].  Burns checked and Eibinger bet 100,000 with top pair; call. Turn: 5h.  Now Burns led out

Soyza Boosts Stack With Straight; Mateos Loses Minimum

Adrian Mateos opened to 80,000 in the hijack with [KhKs], called by button Kahle Burns with [Ac4c] and big blind Michael Soyza with [7d7c].  On the [6hTcTd] flop, Soyza and Mateos checked and Burns had a stab at it worth 75,000.  Both players called.  The [8s] turn checked around and

Testing the Waters

An understandable cagey start to this final table, from which a third of the players will leave with no prize money. "It's going to be fun, watching everyone be tight for 40 mins, then have 10 big blinds and realising that's where it all went wrong," predicted Ben Heath before cards