Jordan Cristos Eliminated by Joseph Wagganer

Jordan Cristos raised to 21,000 from under the gun and Joseph Wagganer called in the big blind. The flop landed [9hKs7s] and Wagganer checked to Cristos who bet his final 38,000. Wagganer called and tabled his [6s5s3c2d] to be against the [AdAc4s5c] of Cristos. The turn and river landed the [4d] and

Jesse Lonis Eliminated by Jordan Cristos, Eliran Yamin Triples

With the cards already tabled, Jesse Lonis was all-in for approximately 140,000, Eliran Yamin was all-in for around 50,000, and Jordan Cristos had called. Cristos: [AdAc] Lonis: [As8s] Yamin: [Jh8h] The board ran out [9d7cQc5dTh], and Yamin rivered a straight to triple up and take the main pot. Cristos' aces held to

Jordan Cristos Eliminated by Nitis Udornpim

Action folded to Jared Jaffee on the button, and he opened to 27,000. Jordan Cristos was next to act in the small blind, and he moved all-in for 151,000 total. Nitis Udornpim was in the big blind and used all his shot clock before moving all-in over the top for

Jordan Cristos Eliminated by Brock Wilson

Action folded to Jordan Cristos in the cutoff, and he moved all-in for 190,000. Brock Wilson was next to act on the button, and he called. Cristos: [AcKh] Wilson: [QsQh] The board ran out [9s6d3s6s3d], and Wilson's queens held to eliminate Cristos.

Jordan Cristos Eliminated by Alex Foxen

Alex Foxen opened to 11,000 on the button, and Jordan Cristos moved all-in from the small blind for approximately 110,000 total. Foxen called. Foxen: [KsQh] Cristos: [QsJs] The board ran out [Kh9s6c5h6d], and Foxen flopped a pair of kings to eliminate Cristos.

Jordan Cristos Eliminated in 9th Place

Daniel Negreanu raised to 25,000 under the gun before Jordan Cristos moved all-in for 147,000 from the big blind. Negreanu called, and the cards were tabled. Negreanu: [8d8c] Cristos: [AsKh] The board ran out [8hJsQs7d5c] and Cristos was eliminated in ninth place.

Alex Foxen All-In Goes Uncalled

David Peters opened to 25,000 from late position, and Alex Foxen moved all-in in the small blind for 308,000 total. Jordan Cristos was in the big blind and used three time extensions before tossing his cards into the muck. Peters mucked, and Foxen collected the pot.

Ali Imsirovic Wins $240,000, Second Title of 2021 PokerGO Cup

Ali Imsirovic wins the fourth event of the 2021 PokerGO Cup

Four events at the 2021 PokerGO Cup have been completed and Ali Imsirovic has won half of them. Imsirovic won the second event of the series for $183,000 on Thursday. On Saturday, Imsirovic took the title from the series’ fourth event, topping a field of 50 entries to win $240,000. “You