Jens Kyllonen Wins Poker Masters Online PLO Series Event #3

Jens Kyllonen

The Poker Masters Online PLO Series on partypoker saw its third event wrap up last night when it was Jens Kyllonen who mounted an improbable comeback versus Jonathan Depa. Depa lead for most of the tournament but after a two-hour heads-up battle, he waved the white flag to his Finnish

Jonathan Depa Doubles Through Kahle Burns

Pot-Limit Omaha After doubling Sam Soverel the previous hand, Jonathan Depa raised pot under the gun to 17,500. Next to act was Kahle Burns, and he made it 60,000 total. Action folded back to Depa, and he called all in for 28,000. Depa: [QsJc9c8h] Burns: [7d7c2d2s] The board ran out [4h6c8sQh5d] and Depa doubled

Jonathan Depa Eliminated by Yuri Dzivielevski

No-Limit Hold'em Jonathan Depa was all in from the small blind for a total of roughly 190,000 against Yuri Dzivielevski in the big blind. Depa: [AsQd] Dzivielevski: [AhJh] The [6dJd5c9s9h] run out saw Dzivielevski take the lead an send Depa to the rail.

Jonathan Depa Wins Poker Masters Event #3 ($133,200)

Jonathan Depa Wins Event #3 of the 2019 Poker Masters.

The $10,000 Short Deck event at the Poker Masters has been won by Jonathan Depa who defeated a field of 37 entries to collect the top prize worth  $133,200. Depa dominated this event, holding the chip lead nearly from start to finish, busting Alex Foxen after an intense heads-up battle

Jonathan Depa Leads Event #3 Final Table

The third event of the 2019 Poker Masters saw the deck shortened as 37 entrants took a seat inside the PokerGO Studio for Event #3: $10,000 Short Deck. After nearly 13 full levels of play, Jonathan Depa finished as the chip leader with 3,305,000 in chips heading into Thursday's PokerGO

Sam Soverel vs. Jonathan Depa

Jonathan Depa raised to 100,000 first to act and Sam Soverel called in the cutoff. The flop landed [Ah9s8c] and Depa continued for 120,000 and Soverel called. The turn was the [9d] and Depa bet 360,000. Soverel called as the river landed the [Ac]. Depa checked, and Soverel bet out 250,000. Depa

Sam Simmons Doubles Through Jonathan Depa

Jonathan Depa shoved all in for nearly 1.8 million in the hijack and Sam Simmons called all in from the button for 108,000. Depa: [KdJc] Simmons: [KsQd] The board ran out [Qc8dAh9hAc] and Simmons collected the double with aces-up.