Daniel Negreanu vs. Jesse Klein

Pot-Limit Omaha Daniel Negreanu raised to 6,000 in the hijack and both Jesse Klein and Nacho Barbero called from the button and big blind respectively. The flop landed [9h9sKc] and action checked to Klein who bet 15,000. Barbero folded, and Negreanu called as the [2h] and [3d] checked through. Negreanu tabled his [KhTc9c7c]

8-7 Low for Damjan Radanov

Razz Jesse Klein completed and Damjan Radanov called before Scott Seiver raised. Klein and Radanov called, and then called a bet on fourth. On fifth, Seiver bet and only Radanov called. Radanov took the betting lead on sixth and Seiver called. Radanov bet seventh in the dark. Klein: [XxXx] / [2x6x6x] (folded on

Scott Seiver Takes the Chip Lead

No-Limit Hold'em With the final board reading [6sQh2c4cAh], Jesse Klein bet out 60,000 from under the gun and Scott Seiver called on the button. Seiver tabled his [AsJs], and Klein mucked.

Craig Chait Eliminated by Jesse Klein

Stud Hi-Lo Cary Katz had the bring-in and Jesse Klein completed. Craig Chait raised, and both Katz and Klein called. Chait bet fourth and Katz raised. Klein called, and Chait called all-in for 9,000. Klein and Katz checked through to seventh where Klein bet and Katz called. Katz: [XxXx] / [4d2d2cQs] / [Xx] Klein:

Jesse Klein vs. John Monnette

Stud Hi-Lo Jesse Klein completed and John Monnette called. Klein bet fourth and fifth, and Monnette check-called on fourth before folding on fifth. Klein: [XxXx] / [8s2h8d] Monnette: [XxXx] / [Qs3cTh]