Prehm Busts Gross

Open spot on the button plus the short stack equalled a jam from Jeff Gross on the feature table just now with [qcth].  Small blind (and healthier stacked) Oskar Prehm thought for a while, then re-raised all in, getting it heads up holding [kdjc]. The board ran out [7cas3d7d8h]; Gross finished

Jeff Gross Eliminated by Frank Lecce

Holding [AcJc], partypoker pro Jeff Gross found himself all in for his last 1,345,000 against Frank Lecce and his [AsKd]. The board ran out [4h2s8cTs2c] and Gross was eliminated.

Eric Afriat vs. Jeff Gross

With about 150,000 in the pot and the board reading [Jh4c6d5c], Eric Afriat bet 90,000 from the small blind and Jeff Gross called from early position. The river was the [9h], Afriat bet 250,000 and Gross used two time extensions before he folded.

Nominees Revealed for 2019 Global Poker Awards

And the nominees are.....

Today, the Global Poker Index announced its nominees for the inaugural Global Poker Awards in 13 different categories. A panel of 130 members selected the nominees from shortlists created by the GPI. On April 5th, 20 trophies will be awarded to nominees from 10 different countries as the show will