Jared Bleznick vs. Sam Soverel

Action folded to Sam Soverel in the cutoff, and he raised to 12,000. Jared Bleznick was in the small blind and raised to 24,000. Soverel made it three bets, and Bleznick called. On the first draw, Bleznick drew two, and Soverel drew two. Bleznick checked, Soverel bet and Bleznick called.

Jared Bleznick Scoops Chad Eveslage

Omaha Hi-Lo Chad Eveslage opened to 12,000, and Jared Bleznick called in the big blind. The flop fell [Jd5c3c] and Bleznick checked. Evesalge bet 6,000 and Bleznick called. The dealer burned and turned the [2d], and Bleznick checked. Eveslage bet 12,000 and Bleznick called. The river [4c] completed the board and

Jared Bleznick vs. Damjan Radanov

Stud Hi-Lo Jared Bleznick completed and Damjan Radanov raised. Bleznick called and then led out on fourth, fifth, and sixth streets with Radanov calling on fourth and fifth, but opting to fold on sixth. Bleznick: [XxXx] / [7s4h8d8s] Radanov: [XxXx] / [Td6s5sJh]

Full House No Good for Jeremy Ausmus

Razz Jeremy Ausmus completed and Jared Bleznick called. Ausmus bet out on fourth and fifth streets with Bleznick calling each time. On sixth, Bleznick bet and Ausmus called. Ausmus: [XxXx] / [AxAx6xAx] / [Xx] Bleznick: [XxXx] / [8x8x6x7x] / [Xx] On seventh, Bleznick checked and Ausmus bet. Bleznick called, and Ausmus announced a full house. Bleznick

Jared Bleznick Leads the Final Table of Event #8: $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha

Jared Bleznick holds the chip lead heading into the final table of Event #8 $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha. Joining Bleznick at the final table are Maxx Coleman, Christopher Usude, Ali Imsirovic, Frank Crivello, and Joseph Sanders, who just missed out on the Event #2 final table finishing in eighth place. Coleman,

Adam Hendrix Eliminated in 9th Place ($18,900)

Action folded to Jared Bleznick in the small blind, and he opened to 60,000. Adam Hendrix was in the big blind and called. The dealer spread the [8h2h3s], and Bleznick potted for 140,000, which was enough to put Hendrix all-in. Hendrix called. Hendrix: [QsJd8s6d] Bleznick: [AhThKc8d] The board ran out [Td] on the turn

Jared Bleznick Pots His Way to 1.2 Million

On a board of [3dKdAsJh] with around 160,000 in the middle, Jared Bleznick bet out 65,000 from the cutoff only to have Jake Daniels raise to 170,000 from the button. Bleznick called, and the river landed the [Kc]. Bleznick announced a bet of pot totalling 500,000, and Daniels used a time