Set for James Romero

With 16,500 in the middle and the board reading [JsTc5s8h], Shannon Shorr bet out 14,500 and James Romero used a time extension before calling. The river was the [Qd] and Shorr bet 12,000 and Romero called. Shorr tabled his [AdQs], but it would be Romero's [JhJc] that earned him the pot.

James Romero Eliminated in 7th Place ($43,000)

James Romero limped from early position and action folded to Jeremy Ausmus in the small blind, and he called. Sean Perry was in the big blind, and he raised to 250,000. Romero called, and Ausmus folded. The flop fell [5c2sJs], and Perry continued for 220,000. Romero called. The dealer burned

Daniel Negreanu Doubles Through James Romero

Action folded to James Romero in the small blind, and he moved all-in having Daniel Negreanu covered. Negreanu called. Negreanu: [Kc4h] Romero: [QcJh] The board ran out [8s7d6h2h9s], and Negreanu's king-high held to double.

Bill Klein Eliminated by James Romero

Action folded to James Romero on the button, and he opened to 30,000. Bill Klein was in the big blind, and he moved all-in for 270,000 total. Romero called. Romero: [AhJd] Klein: [5d5s] The board ran out [Ks9cQh2hAd] and Romero spiked an ace on the river to eliminate Klein.

John Riordan Doubles Through James Romero

James Romero open-shoved for his last 89,000, and John Riordan called all-in for his last 81,000. Romero: [Jc9c] Riordan: [AcQh] The board ran out [Ad3h8hKs9d], and Riordan flopped an ace to double and leave Romero with just 8,000 in chips. Shortly thereafter, Romero was seen exiting the tournament floor.

Justin Saliba Eliminated by Erik Seidel

Justin Saliba raised to 14,000 from middle position and Erik Seidel called in the hijack, as did James Romero from the small blind. The flop landed [2s2h4c], and after Romero checked, Saliba bet his final 2,500. Seidel raised to 8,000 and Romero folded. Saliba: [AdQc] Seidel: [ThTd] The board ran out [5h] and [9s]

Anthony Hu and Sean Perry Eliminate James Romero

In another three-way all-in pot, James Romero was all in with the [9h9c], Anthony Hu had the [AsKd], and Sean Perry had the [AdKh]. The board came [AcQc7d8hJs] and Hu and Perry chopped up Romero's chips.

Three-Way Clash Between Romero, Riordan, and Cheong

James Romero, John Riordan, and Joseph Cheong found all the chips in the middle in a three-way all-in clash. Romero had the [QhJs], Riordan had the [Ac7d], and Cheong had the [TsTc]. Riordan had the least amount of chips with around 15,000, Romero had 20,500, and Cheong had both covered. The

James Romero Eliminated by Sean Winter

The final board of [Qs2dJc8s8d] was spread with Sean Winter and his [Td9d] raking in the pot. James Romero's remaining chips were being pushed to Winter as the table stated that he held [Qx9x] and was unable to improve against Winter's turned straight.