James “Raggy” Clarke Busts in 4th ($311,000)

It folded to blinds Anton Suarez and James Clarke. Suarez, against form, simply limped with [9h4h]; Clarke checked his [4d5d].  A flop of [4s6h4c] guaranteed action, although it was delayed until the turn (Suarez check-calling 2,500,000 on the flop). The turn: [th].  Out led Suarez for 12,500,000. Over to Clarke who

Set Over Set Doubles Clarke; His Rail Goes Wild

Local favourite James "Raggy" Clarke has doubled up playing anything but rags.  He opened preflop with [acas] and picked up only one caller, Fredrik Andersson with [9d9h].  The Swede spiked a set on the [6s9sjd] flop and looked to eliminate Clarke, simply calling his 8,500,000 flop lead. The turn: [Ah]. Clarke

Clarke Chipping Up

James Clarke is up over 50 million in chips after James Romero looked him up on the river with ace high, Clarke's [4h6h] big blind defend having come good.  Romero, the preflop raiser with [acqh], had missed a flop and turn on a [2d4cjh8d] board (18 million in the pot

Clarke Doubles in Battle of the James’

Small blind James Clarke shoved for 20,900,000. Big blind James Romero asked for a count and eventually called. James Clarke: [TcTd] James Romero: [KhJd] The board ran out [Qs2c7d] [2s] [7c] and Clarke doubled up.

Clarke on a Roll

James Clarke has pushed all in three times in a row. All three times, he found no resistance.