Daniels’ Hero Call Fails Against Mathis

Marty Mathis opened under the gun plus one and picked up three callers; Adolfo Vaeza on the button, Jacob Daniels in the small blind, and the player in the big blind. All of them checked the flop of [Kd5hAs] so the [7h] on the turn was seen by all for no

Daniels Takes Lots From Mathis

Marty Mathis opened under the gun for 200,000 and Jacob Daniels on the button three-bet to 610,000. The blinds got out of the way but Mathis called. Mathis check-called a bet of 380,000 on [8c5dKc] before they both checked the [Jc] on the turn. The river came the [3c] and Mathis

Penteado Doubles Through Daniels

Jacob Daniels raised from middle position to 170,000 and it folded to Lineu Penteado in the small blind. He pushed all in for 1,480,000 and the big blind got out of the way. Daniels was forced to use a time extension before he called with [acqh]. He was ahead against the

Jacob Daniels Eliminated

Jacob Daniels was seen making his way to the exit. He told us he had jammed his last 900,000 from the button holding [Tx9x] only to run into a player with [Ax8x]. With 15 minutes left in the level and 30 for late registration, Daniels is reentering he said.

Daniels Loses a Five Million Pot

We must admit we missed the action, but one player yelling at the top of his lungs got our attention. When we rushed over, the dealer was shoving a monster pot to the player in the two-seat with the cards already face down. We later learned that it had been Jacob

Small One For Price

Oliver Price raised to 50,000 from middle position and he was called by big blind Jacob Daniels, who is already on his third bullet of the day. Both checked after the [acksqc] flop was dealt and the [jd] was added to the board. Daniels led out with a bet of 55,000

Daniels Back In, Doubles in His First Hand

Jacob Daniels was seen sitting at a new table, proof enough he had bought back in for another shot at a deep run this week. It was his first hand as he had exactly 1,000,000 in front of him. Daniels opened to 30,000 under the gun plus one and the hijack

Daniels Headed to the Rail Again

The flop was [qc8d3c] and Marty Mathis checked from the small blind to Jacob Daniels. Daniels fired a bet of 42,000 and Mathis raised to 175,000. Daniels called and both saw the [7h] turn card appear. This time Mathis bet 650,000 and he was called again by Daniels. The two players

Jacob Daniels Eliminated

Jacob Daniels finished third in the $25,500 Super High Roller yesterday and he was back for the $10,300 Main Event today. He is now, however, eliminated from the Main Event. There is the option to reenter an unlimited amount of times so we can see Daniels back in the Main