Del Vecchio Takes From Benitez

Leo Fernandez limped from the button and so did Michael Del Vecchio from the small blind. Big blind Francisco Benitez checked his option and the three players saw the [qcts3h] flop. All three checked and the [8d] fell on the turn. Del Vecchio bet 215,000 and he found one caller in

Benitez Takes it With a Three-Bet

The player in the cutoff limped and Leo Fernandez raised to 150,000 from the button. Small blind Michael Del Vecchio called the raise by his Argentinian neighbor, but Francisco Benitez three-bet to 450,000. The limper got out of the way and so did Fernandez and Del Vecchio. The pot was pushed

Francisco Benitez Eliminated in 5th Place ($60,000)

The action folded to Jacob Daniels in the small blind and he put Francisco Benitez all in for effectively 1,175,000. Benitez called and they opened up and Benitez saw the bad news that he was dominated with [td8c] against the [ahth] of Daniels. The board ran out [9h3h2s4c3s] and Daniels eliminated

Niall Farrell Eliminated on the Bubble

Niall Farrell raised to 1,925,000 with only 25,000 behind from the cutoff with [8s8c]. Jacob Daniels called with [qdtd] from the small blind and big blind Francisco Benitez thought about it for a minute before he called as well with [jsjc], thinking it was an all in. He was about

The Rich Get Richer

Marty Mathis raised to 500,000 under the gun and he was called by Jacob Daniels from the small blind and Francisco Benitez from the big blind. The flop was [js8h2h] and all three players checked. They also checked on the [5s] turn and the river was the [kc]. It checked to Mathis

Romero Wins Big Pot From Benitez

James Romero raised from the button with [adqd] to 320,000 and he was called by Francisco Benitez from the big blind with [5h2h]. The flop came down [ac5d3h] and Benitez checked to Romero who continued with a bet of 300,000. Benitez raised to 900,000 and Romero called. The turn was the [2s]

Urbanovich Gives Up

Francisco Benitez raised to 250,000 from early position and he was called by small blind Dzmitry Urbanovich. The big blind James Romero folded and they went to the flop. The flop was dealt [ah4c3d] and Urbanovich checked to Benitez who continued with a bet of 150,000. Urbanovich check-raised to 425,000 but

Botteon De Albuquerque Eliminated on the Final Table Bubble

Francisco Benitez raised to 240,000 from the hijack with [ahkd] and Brunno Botteon De Albuquerque three-bet to 650,000. It folded back to Benitez and he four-bet all in for effectively 3,100,000. Botteon De Albuquerque called for his tournament life with [thtd] and they went off to the races. The [qdjh8d] flop