Eli Elezra vs. Marco Johnson

2-7 Triple Draw Marco Johnson raised to 12,000 from the small blind and Eli Elezra called in the big blind. Both players drew two and Johnson bet out. Elezra called and both players drew one. Johnson checked, Elezra bet 12,000, and Johnson called. Johnson drew one and Elezra stood pat as both players checked. Elezra

Daniel Negreanu vs. Bryan Micon

Stud Hi-Lo Eli Elezra completed and both Bryan Micon and Daniel Negreanu called. Action checked through on fourth street, and on fifth, Micon bet 6,000. Negreanu called and Elezra folded, and on sixth, Micon bet again and Negreanu called. Elezra: [XxXx] / [Ah4s6s] (folded on fifth) Micon: [XxXx] / [5sJd8dTc] / [Xx] Negreanu: [XxXx]

Daniel Negreanu Trips Up Eli Elezra

No-Limit Hold'em Eli Elezra raised to 4,000 from the hijack and Daniel Negreanu called in the big blind. The flop landed [4dJs6s] and both players checked to reveal the [6d] on the turn. Negreanu led out for 2,000 and Elezra called as the river landed the [Kd]. Negreanu bet 12,000 and Elezra called. Negreanu

Jack-Low for Eli Elezra

2-7 Triple Draw Jean-Robert Bellande raised to 5,000 from under the gun and Eli Elezra called in the small blind. Elezra drew two and bet, while Bellande drew three. Bellande called and drew one following Elezra standing pat and betting. Bellande called and drew one as Elezra stood pat. Both players checked and

Eli Elezra Folds Trips to Jean-Robert Bellande

Limit Hold'em Jean-Robert Bellande raised to 4,000 and Eli Elezra called in the big blind. The flop landed [KdAdQc] and Elezra check-called a bet of 2,000. The turn fell the [2c] and Elezra check-called a bet of 4,000. The river fell the [Kc] and Elezra checked. Bellande bet 4,000 and Elezra raised to

Unfavorable River for El Elezra

With the board reading [Qd9sQhTs] and roughly 115,000 in the middle, Eli Elezra bet out 50,000 before his opponent called all-in for 40,500. Elezra: [KhQc] Opponent: [JdTd] The river landed the [8c] and Elezra's opponent doubled through with a straight.

Eli Elezra vs. Mitchell Halverson

Action folded to Mitchell Halverson in middle position, and he opened to 2,500. Eli Elezra was next to act and called. The flop fell [Ts8s3s], and action checked through. The dealer burned and turned the [Ac] and Halverson checked. Elezra bet 3,000, and Halverson called. The river [9h] completed the