Unfavorable River for El Elezra

With the board reading [Qd9sQhTs] and roughly 115,000 in the middle, Eli Elezra bet out 50,000 before his opponent called all-in for 40,500. Elezra: [KhQc] Opponent: [JdTd] The river landed the [8c] and Elezra's opponent doubled through with a straight.

Eli Elezra vs. Mitchell Halverson

Action folded to Mitchell Halverson in middle position, and he opened to 2,500. Eli Elezra was next to act and called. The flop fell [Ts8s3s], and action checked through. The dealer burned and turned the [Ac] and Halverson checked. Elezra bet 3,000, and Halverson called. The river [9h] completed the