Straight Six for Stephen Chidwick

Razz Stephen Chidwick completed and David Funkhouser called. Chidwick bet every street and Funkhouser called each time. Chidwick: [XxXx] / [3x2xJx5x] / [Xx] Funkhouser: [XxXx] / [3x3x8xJx] / [Xx] Chidwick tabled his [9x6x4x] for a straight-six to collect the pot.

Flush for David Funkhouser

Limit Hold'em Majid Yahyaei raised to 5,000 from the cutoff and David Funkhouser three-bet the small blind. Yahyaei called and the flop landed [Js7s3s]. Funkhouser bet and Yahyaei called as the turn fell the [Th]. Funkhouser checked and Yahyaei bet 5,000. Funkhouser called, and when the river landed the [Ts], Funkhouser bet and

David Funkhouser vs. Dustin Dirksen

Omaha Hi-Lo Dustin Dirksen raised to 5,000 from middle position before David Funkhouser three-bet to 7,500. Dirksen called, and both players checked the [9s6d9h] flop. The turn fell the [Ts] and Funkhouser bet and Dirksen raised. Funkhouser called as the river fell the [7h]. Funkhouser checked, Dirksen bet 5,000, and Funkhouser called. Dirksen tabled