Craig Chait Eliminated by Jesse Klein

Stud Hi-Lo Cary Katz had the bring-in and Jesse Klein completed. Craig Chait raised, and both Katz and Klein called. Chait bet fourth and Katz raised. Klein called, and Chait called all-in for 9,000. Klein and Katz checked through to seventh where Klein bet and Katz called. Katz: [XxXx] / [4d2d2cQs] / [Xx] Klein:

Rok Gositisa Rivers a Set

Pot-Limit Omaha Craig Chait raised to 5,500 from the cutoff and both Rok Gostisa and Cody Espeseth called in the blinds. The [Jh7h4cThKd] board checked through to the river where Gositsa bet 2,500 and Espeseth was the only caller. Gostisa tabled his [KcKh5d3c] and Espeseth mucked.

David “ODB” Baker Scoops Craig Chait

Stud Hi-Lo David "ODB" Baker open-completed and Craig Chait called. Baker bet fourth and fifth, and Chait called on fourth, before folding on fifth. Baker: [XxXx] / [2dKd8h] Chait: [XxXx] / [7hThJh]

Alex Livingston vs. Craig Chait

Stud Hi-Lo Richie Sklar had the bring-in and Craig Chait completed next to act. Alex Livingston raised, and after Sklar folded, Chait called. Chait bet on fourth and Livingston check-called, and on fifth, Livingston bet and Chait folded. Chait: [XxXx] / [6s5hQc] Livingston: [XxXx] / [Kh3dAs]