Chad Eveslage vs. Seth Davies

Seth Davies raised the cutoff to 16,000 and Chad Eveslage called. The [Ah9dKd8cJs] board checked to the river where Eveslage bet out 20,000 and Davies folded.

Chad Eveslage vs. Dan Shak

Dan Shak raised to 4,500 in middle position and Chad Eveslage called from the big blind. The [6hJh5sQc2d] board checked to the river where Eveslage bet 3,000 and Shak folded.

Maxx Coleman Leads the Final Table of Event #6: $10,000 8-Game

Maxx Coleman eliminated the final two players of the evening and takes the chip lead into the final table of Event #6 $10,000 8 Game. Joining Coleman at the final table are Chad Eveslage, Erik Sagstrom, Jeremy Ausmus, and Stephen Chidwick. The 30-entrant field created a prize pool of $300,000,

Jeremy Ausmus Doubles Through Chad Eveslage

Razz Chad Eveslage completed to 30,000, and Jeremy Ausmus raised to 60,000 with 45,000 behind. Evesalge called On fourth street, Ausmus bet, Evesalge raised, and Ausmus called. Ausmus: [XxXx]/[7d3s] Evesalge: [XxXx]/[4d6s] Ausmus tabled [6c3c] and Evesalge tabled [2d2h]. Evesalge's board ran out [Js8hKh] for jack-eight, and Ausmus board ran out [Ac7c5h] for

Chad Eveslage Leaves Jared Bleznick Running on Fumes

No Limit Hold'em Action folded to Chad Evesalge on the button, and he opened to 35,000. Jared Bleznick was in the big blind, said, "I need a minute," tossed in two time extensions, and started to walk around the table. Bleznick eventually called. The flop fell [Qd5c4h], and Bleznick checked. Eveslage

Chad Eveslage Continues To Climb

Razz Cary Katz had the bring-in and elected to completed to 25,000. Chad Eveslage called. On fourth street, Katz bet 25,000, and Eveslage called. On fifth street, Katz checked, and Eveslage bet 50,000. Katz called. On sixth street. Katz checked Eveslage bet and Katz called all-in for less. Katz: [8d2h]/[7c9dTcAd]/[Qd] Eveslage: [7s6h]/[5hKd3cAc]/[Qc]