Cary Katz Eliminated by Alex Foxen

Alex Foxen raised to 6,500 before Cary Katz three-bet next to act to 20,000. Foxen called as the flop landed [Th4c8s], and he checked. Katz bet 35,000 and Foxen raised. Katz called all-in for roughly an additional 5,000 and tabled his [AcKs] to be trailing the [Td9d] of Foxen. The board ran out

Cary Katz Eliminated by Chino Rheem

Cary Katz jammed for 146,000 in early position and Chino Rheem called in middle position. Katz: [8s8d] Rheem: [adah] The board ran out [9h5d5h9skh] and Rheem held to eliminate Katz in 14th place.

Cary Katz Doubles Through Rok Gostisa

Cary Katz got his 121,000 chips in from the cutoff and was at risk against Rok Gostisa in the big blind. Katz: [kcks] Gostisa: [jhjd] The [9h6h4h] flop provided a sweat, but the [8s] and [3d] completed the board to confirm Katz's double.

Flush for Vikenty Shegal

Jake Schindler raised to 13,000 from under the gun and Cary Katz called next to act, as did Vikenty Shegal from the big blind. The [Jh8h3h] flop checked through to reveal the [6h] on the turn. Shegal checked, Schindler bet 6,000, and both Katz and Shegal called. The river landed the [2s]

David Peters Stays Alive

David Peters had only a single red T-1,000 chip remaining and got it in from early position. Vikenty Shegal raised to 15,000 from the hijack and Cary Katz raised to 45,000 on the button. Action folded back to Shegal who folded. David Peters: [jc7c] Cary Katz: [qdqh] The board ran out [5c3c2cksqc] and

Cary Katz Eliminated in 7th Place ($68,750)

Cary Katz moved all-in from the cutoff for 415,000 and Nick Schulman called in the small blind. Sean Winter mentioned he had a feeling he was going to lose the hand, before moving in all of his chips in the big blind. Schulman folded. Katz: [asks] Winter: [kdkc] The board ran out [7c6h2c6s2d]

Tamon Nakamura Flops Set

Tamon Nakamura opened to 60,000 from early position and Cary Katz called in the cutoff. The dealer spread the [tc8d6c] flop and Nakamura bet 125,000. Katz thought about his decision and used a time extension before ultimately folding. Nakamura showed [8x8x], while Katz claimed he folded nines, although the dealer was unable

Cary Katz Doubles Through Tamon Nakamura

Tamon Nakamura opened to 50,000 from the cutoff and Cary Katz defended the big blind. The dealer fanned the [ahth6h] flop and Katz check-called for his remaining 90,000 and enthusiastically threw his cards face-up onto the table. Katz: [3h2h] Nakamura: [qctd] The [7s] and [5s] completed the board and Katz secured another double with

Cary Katz Doubles Through Nick Schulman

Cary Katz jammed for 50,000 from early position, Nick Schulman raised to 85,000 in the hijack, and everyone else folded. Katz: [ac3d] Schulman: [ksjs] The board ran out [qd4h3h4c4d] and Katz improved to a boat to take the pot.