Brock Wilson Eliminated by Michael Lang

Michael Lang raised to 12,000 from under the gun and Cary Katz called in the cutoff. Brock Wilson called all-in from the small blind for 6,000 and the flop landed [8sQd9d]. Lang checked and Katz bet out 23,000. Lang check-raised to 60,000 and Katz folded. Lang: [Qh9h] Wilson: [Ah4c] The board ran out [9s]

Michael Lang Doubles Through Brock Wilson

Michael Land was all-in for his last 45,500 holding [7d7c], and Brock Wilson had called in the big blind holding [QcJd] The board ran out [Td8d5h2dAh], and Lang's sevens held to double.

Kings for Brock Wilson

Brock Wilson raised to 8,500 in the hijack and Cary Katz called in the big blind. The [5s9c7s] flop checked through to reveal the [Qd] on the turn. Katz checked and Wilson bet 18,000. Katz called as the river landed the [3h]. Katz checked again, and Wilson bet 41,000. Katz called, and

Brock Wilson vs. Eric Worre

Eric Worre opened to 4,000 from under the gun, and action folded to Brock Wilson in the cutoff, he called. David Coleman was in the big blind and called. The flop fell [Js9c6d], and action checked to Wilson, who bet 3,500. Coleman folded, and Worre called. The turn [3d] hit

Flush for Sean Winter

Brock Wilson raised to 3,500 from under the gun and both Sean Winter and Anuj Agarwal called in the blinds. The flop laned [4h5sQs] and action checked to Wilson who bet 3,000. Winter check-raised to 9,500 and Agarwal folded. Wilson used a time extension and then made it 22,000. Winter called before

Jeremy Ausmus vs. Brock Wilson

Brock Wilson raised to 2,500 from under the gun and Jeremy Ausmus called in the cutoff. The flop landed [Tc9cAd] and Wilson continued for 1,500 with Ausmus calling as the turn landed the [8c]. Wilson checked and Ausmus bet 6,000. Wilson folded.

Brock Wilson Eliminated by Eliran Yamin

Brock Wilson jammed in his roughly 120,000 chips from middle position and was up against Eliran Yamin in the hijack. Wilson: [TdTc] Yamin: [8d8h] The board ran out [8c5d3h4cKd] to give Yamin a flopped set and send Wilson to the rail in an unfortunate fashion.

Chance Kornuth Scores First Place in 2022 Stairway To Millions Event #2

Chance Kornuth wins 2022 Stairway To Millions Event #2

Chance Kornuth continued his impressive start to the 2022 Stairway To Millions series with a victory in Event #2: $2,150 NL Hold'em. Kornuth cashed in the first event, finishing 16th, and his prize included a ticket to the second tournament. After entering the final table of six in fourth chip

Brock Wilson Folds to Ryan Riess

On a board of [JdTh5c9h], Ryan Riess checked the big blind and Brock Wilson bet 45,000 on the button. Riess then slid in three stacks of chips to cover Wilson's approximately 175,000 behind. Wilson tanked and used several time extensions before ultimately conceding the hand to Riess.