Brandon Adams Eliminated in 10th Place ($62,935)

Brandon Adams was all in with the [7d7c] against the [TsTd] for Thomas Boivin. Adams was the player at risk for around 475,000. The board ran out [JhTc3s8dAh] and Adams was eliminated in 10th place.

Brandon Adams Doubles Through Darren Elias

Brandon Adams moved all-in for 220,000 from the small blind holding [Kh9h] and Darren Elias called in the big blind with [Ah5h]. The board ran out [5d8s6s5c7h] and Adams doubles through with his rivered straight.

Thomas Boivin Doubles Through Brandon Adams

Thomas Boivin raised to 130,000 in the cutoff before Brandon Adams moved all-in for 365,000 from the small blind. Boivin called all-in for 140,000. Boivin: [JhJs] Adams: [As9h] The board ran out [8c5dQs8h3s] and Boivin secured the double.

David Peters Doubles Through Brandon Adams

From the hijack seat, Brandon Adams raised to 40,000. David Peters moved all in for 210,000 from the big blind and Adams went into the tank. Eventually, Adams found a call with the [KhQh]. Peters had the [AdJs]. The board came [Ts6c2h4c2d] and Peters doubled up.

Jake Schindler Eliminated in 17th Place

Brandon Adams raised to 30,000 from the hijack seat and then John Riordan reraised to 110,000 from the cutoff seat. After some thought, Jake Schindler moved all in from the big blind for 215,000 and Adams got out of the way. Riordan quickly called with the [KsKh]. Schindler had the

Brandon Adams Doubles Through Jake Schindler

Following a raise to 30,000 and a call from Jake Schindler in the cutoff, Brandon Adams shoved all-in for 260,000 from the small blind. The initial raiser folded, but Schindler called. Schindler: [8c8s] Adams: [AdJd] The board ran out [Ks2dAsTh5h] and Adams connected on the flop to secure the double.

Brandon Adams Shoves on Alex Foxen

Brandon Adams raised to 30,000 in the cutoff and Alex Foxen called in the big blind to see the [8hAc5c] flop. Foxen checked and Adams continued for 30,000. Foxen called as the [Qs] rolled off on the turn and he checked again. Adams moved all-in for 165,000, and Foxen folded.

Nadya Magnus vs. Brandon Adams

With roughly 125,000 in the middle and the flop reading [4s9c3c], Nadya Magnus checked from the small blind to Brandon Adams in the big blind. Adams bet 45,000 and Magnus responded with a check-raise to 110,000. Adams called as the turn landed the [2c]. Magnus bet out 125,000 and Adams folded.

Benjamin Miner Ousted

After Brandon Adams opened with a raise to 30,000 from middle position, Benjamin Miner reraised all in for 80,000 from the hijack seat. Adams made the call after the action folded to him, then he turned over the [AcJd]. Miner had him dominated with the [AhQd]. The [8s6c3d] flop kept Miner