Ren Lin Takes it on the River

With the board reading [Ac4h8h4c], Chris Brewer checked from the small blind to Ren Lin in the big blind who bet 18,000. Anthony Zinno called from the cutoff and both Jake Daniels and Brewer both folded as the [5h] landed on the river. Lin bet 28,000 and Zinno folded.

Kristina Holst Eliminated; Anthony Zinno Triples

Shannon Shorr raised to 10,500 from early position before Anthony Zinno moved all-in next to act for 55,500. From the button, Kristina Holst called all-in for 50,500, and Shorr called to put both players at risk. Shorr: [7h7c] Zinno: [6h6c] Holst: [AdKh] The board ran out [Jc9dTh6s4s] and Zinno collected a triple while Holst

Daniel Weinand vs. Anthony Zinno

Daniel Weinand opened to 6,000 from under the gun plus one, and action folded to Anthony Zinno in the cutoff, he called. The flop fell [As9d3d], and action checked through. The dealer burned and turned the [6d], and Weinand bet 4,000. Zinno called. The river [Jc] completed the board, and

Anthony Zinno Eliminated by Nathan Zimnik

(As reported by Anthony Zinno) Nathan Zimnik opened to 6,000 from early position, and Maxx Coleman called next to act. Anthony Zinno called, as did the big blind. The flop fell [8s6d5s], and action was checked to Zinno, who bet 14,000. Tavares folded, Zimnik called, and Coleman folded. The dealer burned