Ali Imsirovic Eliminated by Nick Petrangelo

Bill Klein opened to 16,000 from under the gun and Nick Petrangelo three-bet to 48,000 from middle position. Action folded to Ali Imsirovic in the big blind, and he moved all-in for 217,000. Klein folded, and Petrangelo called. Petrangelo: [AcAs] Imsirovic: [AdKc] The board ran out [Td6cTc6s5c], and Petrangelo's aces held

Queens for Ali Imsirovic

With roughly 65,000 in the middle and the flop reading [Jd9h2d], Ali Imsirovic checked from under the gun to Bill Klein on the button who bet 17,000. Imsirovic check-raised to 45,000 in response before Klein made it 127,000 total. Imsirovic used three time extensions before moving all-in for 239,000. Klein used a time

Set for Ali Imsirovic

Sam Soverel raised to 8,000 in the hijack and both Ali Imsirovic and Jake Schindler called from the cutoff and big blind respectively. The [Qd7hAd3c2d] board checked through to the river where Schindler bet 22,500. Soverel folded, but Imsirovic called and tabled his [2s2h] to best Schindler's [Qc2c] for two pair.

Wheel for Sam Soverel

Ali Imsirovic raised to 8,000 from under the gun and both David Peters and Sam Soverel called in the blinds. The flop landed [5d7d5s] and action checked to Imsirovic who bet 6,000. Peters folded, but Soverel check-raised to 17,000. Imsirovic called as the turn landed the [2c]. Soverel checked, Imsirovic bet 16,000,

Nick Petrangelo Comes Back from One Big Blind To Win Event #7

Nick Petrangelo wins Stairway To Millions Event #7

The third time is the charm for Nick Petrangelo at the 2022 Stairway To Millions. Petrangelo was at his third final table of the series on Wednesday. This time, he came out on top, winning Event #7: $50,000 NL Hold’em for $567,000. After registration closed, Petrangelo was knocked down to a single

Stephen Chidwick vs. Ali Imsirovic

Ali Imsirovic raised to 5,000 on the button and Stephen Chidwick called in the big blind. The flop landed [Jd9c7h] and Chidwick checked to Imsirovic who bet 3,000. Chidwick called before both players checked the [2c] on the turn. The river was the [Kc] and Chidwick bet out 25,000 and Imsirovic folded.

David Peters Takes From Ali Imsirovic

Ali Imsirovic opened to 2,500 on the button, and David Peters called in the big blind. The flop fell [7s6d5s], and action checked through. The dealer burned and turned the [3s], and Peters bet 2,000. Imsirovic called. The river [Ad] completed the board, and Peters used all his shot clock

Watch the Event #7 Final Table on at 4 p.m. ET

The final table of Event #7: $50,000 No-Limit Hold'em of the 2022 Stairway To Millions is set and will be airing on at 4 p.m. ET. Watch the Event #7 final table on here! Ali Imsirovic finished as the chip leader with 1,955,000 in chips ahead of Nick Petrangelo and

Ali Imsirovic Leads Nick Petrangelo and Chris Brewer at Stairway To Millions $50K Final Table

The inaugural Stairway To Millions continues from the PokerGO Studio at ARIA Resort & Casino with the penultimate event of the series playing out on Tuesday with Event #7: $50,000 No-Limit Hold'em attracting a 21-entrant field. Following a few faces making their first appearance in the series, and several reentries occurring,