Alejandro Lococo Eliminated

Alejandro Lococo was seen standing on the rail, talking to the tournament director. Former table mate Ivan Luca told us that he had run ace-king into pocket nines for his last 2.5 million in chips.

Lococo Sees His Kings Hold Three-Way in Monster Pot

When we arrived, Alejandro Lococo in the hijack already had his entire stack of 4,165,000 in the middle and one of his middle-position opponents - who had Lococo covered - also had all of his chips in the middle. A third player, much shorter with 1,075,000, on the button had

Lococo Value Bets His Top Pair

Alejandro "Papo MC" Lococo spend the last couple of levels on the Feature Table, but now is back in the field of regular tables and has a decent stack in front of him. Just now, we sam him bet 275,000 from the hijack on a board of [7cQd7d] [Th] [3h]. His

Papo MC Wins a Small One

Alejandro ''Papo MC'' Lococo sat in the big blind with [td7h] when he saw the cutoff raise to 26,000 with [7s7c]. Lococo called from the blinds and the [kdtc9s] flop was dealt. Lococo check-called a bet to see the [th] on the turn. Both checked this time and the [ad] river