Adrian Mateos Eliminated by Bryn Kenney

Action folded to David Einhorn on the button, and he opened to 5,000. Adrian Mateos was next to act in the small blind, and he three-bet to 20,000. Bryn Kenney was in the big blind, and he four-bet to 55,000. Einhorn folded, and action was back on Mateos, who moved

Alex Foxen Shoves on Adrian Mateos

Alex Foxen opened with a raise in the hijack and Adrian Mateos called from the big blind. The flop landed [Kh2c9s] and Mateos checked to Foxen who bet out 4,000. Mateos called as the turn landed the [2s]. Mateos elected to lead out for 5,000 only to have Foxen raise to 18,000.

Stephen Chidwick Bets Out Adrian Mateos

Action folded to Adrian Mateos in the cutoff, and he opened to 4,500. Alex Foxen was in the small blind, and he called. Stephen Chidwick was in the big blind, and he raised to 22,500. Mateos used a time extension and four-bet to 51,000. Foxen folded, and Chidwick called. The